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Careers @ Connexio

Our Work Culture

We are a young and dynamic organisation that values diversity and inclusion. Some of the key indicators of success at Connexio include the ability to listen and learn from others, hard work, personal initiative and integrity.  

Connexio’s culture and values are represented by our focus on teamwork, transparency, continuous learning and mutual respect. Connexio has a flat organisation, transparency and clear accountability which help create an environment conducive to individual and organisational success.

Our employees are at the heart of our organisation and we appreciate and respect the abilities and experiences that they bring on board.


We’re Hiring


  • Experienced Professionals

If you are a seasoned and mature recruiter with experience in any domain, and would like to talk to us, drop us a line. We would love to chat!


  • Fresh Graduates/Post Graduates

We understand that if you have finished your studies recently, the number of career options can appear overwhelming (after all the world is no longer dominated by engineers, CAs, doctors etc). If you would like to explore what a career in recruiting can mean for you, get in touch. Our consultants would love to chat with you and share what a day in their lives are like. We would welcome you if you would like to shadow one of us for a day.


  • Interns

For those pursuing their studies, exciting internship opportunities are available. We will ensure you are completely immersed in our business and provide ample opportunities for working on special projects, active searches and interacting with clients as well as candidates with the possibility of receiving an offer for full time employment. Get in touch with us if you would like to explore an internship with us.


If you would like to turbocharge your career, come work with us. To find out more drop us a line at