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Executive Search Service

Leadership Hiring:
We begin every leadership search from first principles. We start by establishing a deep understanding of the organisation’s culture and philosophy, along with, of course, the requirements of the role. Once we’ve done our homework we activate our deep industry networks along with our in house high quality research to enable us to deliver successful outcomes. Our assignments at CXO levels have included CEO, CTO, COO, CFO, CHRO, CMO etc. for both established corporations as well as startups.

Middle Management Hiring:
High quality middle management recruitment is a critical success factor for organisations. From business plan execution to creating a succession bench to carrying the organisation’s culture, middle management is the spine running through most companies. Our approach for middle management hiring incorporates best practices from both our leadership hiring service as well as our entry/junior level hiring practice. By combining a strategic approach towards identifying candidate pools with quick turnarounds and high-quality execution we have helped our clients build hugely successful mid-level teams.

Junior Hiring:
With the explosion of the technology-based economy, junior talent has never had as many options as it does today. At Connexio we help companies find talented individuals and companies whose aspirations and objectives are aligned. Such hiring can take on various forms – be it targeted filling of specialised positions, recruitment drives (for example for a tech team buildout) or for graduate recruitment, we are well set up to execute such requirements.